Light up your Christmas

A good scent is the secret to a much more memorable home.

Ready to install some holiday magic? We have a great idea how to help you achieve that with our choice of Christmas Morning melts and diffusers. If you like the smell of Christmas trees you will like this scent. A herbal fragrance with notes of Siberian Pine, with middle notes of clove pimento and cinnamon alongside precious woods and fir balsam.

On those dark nights, close the curtains, dim the lights and let Christmas Morning scent fill the air and create the comfort, joy and hope this Christmas.

“beautifully packaged and evocative aromas!” – Claire St.Albans

Cinnamon, Cranberry & Orange

Fill your home this season with our sophisticated cinnamon, cranberry & orange scent. A spicy, fruity combination of cranberry with middle notes of orange and cinnamon with black notes of soft, sweet fruit musk and raspberry. The perfect scent to fill your home this autumn.

Mulled wine

A warming, indulgent scent bursting with aromas of warm wine and sweet berries. Accompanied by bay, cinnamon and ginger on a vanilla base. This irresistible fragrance evokes the contentment of snuggling up with a soft blanket in front of the fire with a warm mug of mulled wine.

Starry Night

Is there anything more mesmerising than the flickering of a log fire on a chilly night? Our melts with an intensely full aroma of bergamot, lemon, mandarin, cinnamon, apple and grapefruit with middle notes of cedar, amber, jasmine and tobacco sitting on base notes of musk, sandal, amber and tonka, evokes the joy of curling up by the fire until the final midnight embers remain glinting in the beauty of a dark evening.

All our products are handmade with love and care – we love making them and hope you enjoy them!

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