Limited Edition Coffee Shop Collection

“ Awaken your senses beyond your expectations with our delicious coffee scented candles!

With a passion for the aroma of freshly ground coffee, we have created this unique collection, inspired by popular coffee combinations. Each blend comprises of fragrance layers that will harmonise together as your candle melts, delivering an incredible infusion of aromas as each layer intertwines, taking you on a fragrance experience that is out of this world.

Our sophisticated candles ooze with the rich aroma of pure coffee beans blended with your favourite toppings, guaranteed to create a welcoming ambience in your home or work place. Set your taste buds tingling as you sit back and enjoy your journey with the Saint & Green Coffee Lovers Collection.

The aroma of fresh coffee offers a warm and comforting ambience – that homely feeling that we all love, reminiscent of cosy Sunday mornings.

Hand poured using a special technique, this collection introduces a new dimensional depth to the world of home fragrancing that has never been achieved until now.

Which flavour will be your melting moment?


Our cappuccino scented candle has been specially blended to flood your room with the combined indulgent scents of coffee beans and the complimentary flavours of coconut and white peach. As your candle starts to burn, the light undertones of warm milk, tonka bean and sprinkled cinnamon start to come through, enhanced by vanilla pod, musk and creamy amber. You’ll be feeling wide eyed and alive in minutes with this quirky coffee scented candle.

“Absolutely delighted with my candle – gorgeous packaging / prompt delivery & the smell is AMAZING. Have already reordered!”
– Caroline

Hot Chocolate

This delicious hot chocolate scented candle is the perfect antidote to a chilly winters day. The sweet scent evokes the familiar and comforting scent of chocolate, crystallised sugar and in our recipe – lemon fluff, the lemon providing a slight twist from the expected.

The initial aroma is the most pronounced as your candle starts to burn, filling your room with a delicious chocolatey scent enhanced by light undertones of vanilla, cream and marshmellow, complimented by rich buttermilk and light musk. Treat your senses with this warming aroma to make you feel rejuvenated and relaxed.


Perfect for creating a warm and festive atmosphere around your home, this delicious scented candle has been specially formulated to release the familiar scent of caramel, sea salt and creamed butter, followed by the wonderful aroma of vanilla, maple and condensed milk. Place this elegant jar in your living room, entryway or bedroom for a gorgeous,  indulgent scent each time you light it.


There’s nothing quite like waking up to the smell of freshly brewed coffee in the morning! Here at Saint & Green, we love a good coffee, so much so, we created a whole collection around it!

Our Latte scented candle has been blended to release the aromatic scent of rich arabica coffee beans, espresso and cardamom. As your room fills with the scent of coffee, enhanced by light undertones of hazelnut, vanilla pod and tonka bean, you will feel all your cares melt away, making this the perfect gift for any coffee lover.

Vanilla Latte

Our vanilla scented candle creates a warm, welcoming atmosphere with its creamy vanilla scent. Inspired by the atmosphere of your favourite coffee shop, this fragrance captures the true aroma of frothy milk and rich vanilla blended with a dark smooth coffee.

The flame gives off a warm, welcoming glow as our candles burn evenly and diffuse a subtle scent throughout the entire room which lingers long after you blow it out.


Just like a much needed midday espresso, this candle will rejuvenate both you and your home.

Crafted with the captivating scent of real coffee beans and hints of hazelnut and chocolate, this mocha scented candle is subtle yet genuine. An edible accord of rich, dark coffee supported and sweetened by notes of chocolate, caramel and vanilla. Why not try the full range of our coffee shop inspired products such as Latte, Vanilla latte, Cappuccino, Machiatto, Hot chocolate and Caramel.


Warm up your room with the sensation of rich espresso and brown sugar…just like a hot macchiato. A must for all coffee lovers, it smells just like the real thing!

Our macchiato scented candle consists of coffee, cocoa beans, creamy vanilla and sweet caramel.

Love the smell of coffee? Its time to light a candle and create that amazing sweet coffee aroma throughout your home or office.

“This smells so good – I’m going to buy more of them – just don’t know whether to keep to the same blend to have a signature scent in the house or mix it up for different rooms – what a fab dilemma to have!” – Dawn

Espresso Martini

If you fancy a delicious cocktail without dealing with the hangover, this espresso martini scented candle is perfection. A delicate blend of creamy coffee, amber and vanilla make this fragrance both delicious and indulgent, refreshed with hints of white floral and softened with light sandalwood accords.

“I love this candle. It’s the one I have on the island on my kitchen. Beautiful scent” – Margaret, Kent

Rosemary & Bay 

A wonderfully aromatic fragrance with captures the refreshing scent of Bay, within the invigorating, herbal essence of Rosemary. Rosemary & Bay is a clean fragrance where Rosemary, Bay and lemon rest upon a heart of muguet blossoms, clary sage and cyclamen combined with a soft wood and musk base. Rosemary & Bay is a fresh, green and herbal fragrance which uplifts and rejuvenates you. It’s an invigorating, fresh and happy scent inspired by flowers and herbs found in an English country garden, making it the perfect gift or treat for yourself.

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